Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Fun Free iPhone Game: Rolando Lite

Rolando Lite is a recent pickup for me, and based on a few hours of play I'm certain I'll be purchasing the full app from the iPhone application store very soon.

The general concept of the game is fairly simplistic. You get a few small Rolandos, little guys who remind me of rolling Lemmings. Basically, you have to get the Rolandos from their starting point to the exit door, without leaving any behind. There are enemies that can kill them, traps and mazes, and switches to pull. You also have to deal with the "Royalty," larger Rolandos that must be pushed by the smaller ones.

The great thing about this game is the control scheme. You simply tap a Rolando to select him (or click and drag a box to select a few) and then tilt the iPhone to move them. If you want them to roll left, tilt left. If you want them to jump, you just have to swipe up on the screen. There's also several different types of buttons and switches you can press, push, or pull, and you do this all just by touching the screen.

The level design is also pretty great. The levels are all bright and colorful, with fun mazes and puzzles to help you pass the time on a boring commute. The challenge ramps up pretty quickly; I got stuck on a few of the early levels and now that I'm into the second "world," things are really heating up! However, Rolando Lite makes it easy to re-try a level, and it will even save your progress if you have to close the app quickly (because your boss started walking up behind you).

Overall, Rolando Lite is a simple, fun, and highly addictive game for the phone. With the application store being filled with tons of boring, unimaginative games, it's great to see a real winner like Rolando Lite being quickly boosted to the top of the iPhone App Store rankings.

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