Monday, May 11, 2009

iPhone Game: StickWars Lite

You may have noticed by now that I only review apps that are free. This is mainly due to the fact that I'm more or less broke, and hoping that this blog will earn me some cash so I can buy more apps! (Protip: Click the Google Ads found above and below this post to help your favorite app reviewer out!)

To that end, I've got another free game for you: Stick Wars Lite.

I'd like to start by saying I meant to write this post Friday afternoon, but I spent so much time playing Stick Wars Lite that I forgot to actually review it. That right there should tell you just about everything you need to know about this game: it's fun, easy, and addictive, in a way I never expected an iPhone game to be.

A lot of the games out there for the iPhone are basically versions of the old flash games we all used to play on the PC. Or in my case, the old flash games we looked at, tried for 5 seconds, and moved on. See, when you're on the PC, there's so much more content and distraction, that a simple game where you pick up stick figures and throw them isn't that exciting.

However, take that same game, and start playing it while you're waiting in line for the train. Suddenly, it becomes impossible to put down. You're moving towards the back of lines so you can play more. You're going extra stops on the T and then walking so you can play while riding, and while walking down the sidewalk. You're willingly going to the RMV, just for some menial paperwork you could have done online, just so you can play this game. Or something like that.

The gameplay is, overall, pretty simplistic. You have a castle wall, and a bunch of angry stick figures run up to it and try to punch it down. Surprisingly, they can punch through a wall pretty quickly if you don't stop them. You "stop" them by picking them up and flinging them into the air, with your finger. They go flying and eventually hit the ground, exploding into an amount of blood proportional to the "Blood" setting in the options menu.

Sure, you can eventually buy bomb factories, wizard training grounds, and a few other add-ons, but mainly you're going to spend all your time throwing stick figures into the air. It doesn't sound like much, but I promise you it's just about the most fun you'll ever have on your iPhone.

The sound is decent, there's a few little sound effects and some vaguely medieval music. The graphics are pretty poor, but you're dealing with Stick Figures so you get what you expect.

Basically, this is an incredibly fun, addictive game that's appropriate for just about everyone. If you want your kids to play it, just turn off the blood! Tell them you're sending each one of those little sticks to heaven, instead of to a quick death at the hands of gravity.


  1. I'd argue that the graphics are perfect. I have the paid version of this game and a couple of days ago (5/5/9) they had an update that updated the background images. They also now let the stick guys have rocks and sticks to use to attack you. But...they're stick figures, they're supposed to be ghetto graphics.

  2. My sisters and i enjoy playing stick wars. We laugh everytime we play this. we just enjoy it. :D

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